This gold generator unlocks the console cheat command build in Runescape, allowing you to generate coins. This generator is still in beta but it’s already above our expectations.

Version 1.1 released!

runescape gold generator


  1. Close Runescape & delete your jagex cache.
  2. Open the generator then open Runescape.
  3. Enter an amount (More then 10mil not recommended)
  4. Target the proces-id & browser.

61 Responses to “Runescape Gold Generator”

      • darcangel

        hey can u do it for me too it wont let me do it to my cpu for sum reason its weird so can u help me by doin it to my acc cuz i really need cash

  1. Nial

    Hello, im a little unsure on downloading this. Could i just give you my username and you could do it for me?

      • Friend of u

        RSHax Staff can u help me pls?

        I have downloaded it, but now i don`t become money.
        Although it says it was successful but I do not get gold on my acc.

  2. Daniel

    Hey, I’m having a little trouble; I just needed as low as 10 MIL. If you could do me the favor of generating some money for me I’d be glad. Thanks.

  3. Josh

    i click generate when i was playing runescape on google chrome and nothing happen ….i need help..why other people can work but mine cant…i need help…

  4. Brandon

    They look great!
    I’v tried downloading PartyHatGenerator and it takes me to a page and says choose either Premium or Regular and it takes me to a HUGE survey and i dont want that. :l

  5. i need help

    if u click gerate its say its succesful but their is no gold added

  6. Mr man

    Anybody help i use the generator and it sayx that money was injected but it is not in game i use google chrome and i set it to java.exe *32 anyhelp would be appreciated

    • RSHax Staff

      In your C:\ folder should be a folder called Jagex cache.

      – RSHax Staff

    • RSHax Staff

      All programs we post are tested and confirmed by us.
      BTW anyone tried this on 07 servers?

      – RSHax Staff

  7. Koops

    How do you delete jagex cache and idk how to download this. Help would be appreciated :)

  8. Suberrue

    so where does the money go? i downloaded it it said injection successful but where does it go?

  9. RSHax Staff

    Like , Tweet or G+ To reveal the Download link.

    – Staff

  10. RSHaxer

    Can someone do this for me? I have a bank P.I.N. so don’t try anything sneaky.


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